Dancing With Ruby by Jayne Dance

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Dancing With Ruby by Jayne Dance

Dancing with Ruby encourages children to join the merriment of the moment, give the mind a rest and engage in rhyming narrative and dance. “The book really lends itself to being read out loud as it has a beat of its very own.” 

The emotions of the characters are portrayed beautifully through the illustrations and invite the reader to ponder their own feelings. The child may connect with each character as a learner who makes mistakes and in doing so can further explore their own behaviours around resilience and persistence. 

Not only is the author Adelaide based, the design, layout and printing is by Finsbury Green, an Adelaide based printer

Who is Jayne Dance?

Jayne Dance has spent many years putting smiles on children’s faces as an educator of young children in South Australia and England. She believes that education is an interactive process, and that a love of reading develops when it is infused with physical theatre, laughter and a hint of ridiculousness.

Jayne is an energetic grandma who lives simply, loves riding her bicycle and has recently invested energy into recalibrating her life purposes. She now often finds herself forming a desire and trusting the unknown before she gathers the resources or develops the knowledge to enable something to happen. This is how ‘Dancing with Ruby’ has continued to develop – through a bucketful of faith and a strong commitment to bringing the story to children.